We are the members of Bavar

This is a story of our family

Bavar" means belief; our specialty is media and we work voluntarily; We are the pioneers of educational information and risk communication in local communities. Together and alongside each other, we have made a belief in which the preservation of the dignity of the vulnerables and the ethical principles of relief remains in media productions, and with the role of media facilitation, interaction and participation with the affected communities to be promoted.

We bring new ideas to bloom with trained and creative local focal points, and with media productions in the fields of promoting self-relief and rescue knowledge, providing quick and on time warnings, increasing the resilience of communities, and reducing the effects of accidents and disasters.

where ever there is disaster, we are ready to produce the most accurate and fastest documentation and information products on the relief rendering process while preserving the dignity of the vulnerable.

It doesn't matter where in our beautiful country, we are all rescuers, youth or volunteer members of the Iranian Red Crescent; We are all members of Bavar and we repeat this motto every day with the same language: living with love is our belief


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